The Price Of A Sedentary Lifestyle

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle has seen a dramatic increase in our size over the last decade.  This is bad news not only for our body image, but also for our health, especially if you suffer from conditions or disabilities that affect your mobility.  Excessive sitting can cause your back muscles to tighten and your abdominals to soften, both of which leads to poor posture.  Lack of movement and consequent poor circulation can also affect the soft cartilage discs in your spine, starving them of fresh blood and nutrients. Read More 

Climatotherapy and Wellness

If you're not feeling at your best, your doctor might prescribe a change of location instead of a vitamin tonic.  Climatotherapy, as the 'treatment' has been dubbed by its exponents, is the temporary or permanent relocation of a person to a suitable climate in order to treat a disease.  Although this might sound a little 'New Age' and unlikely, it has been proven to work in some cases.  So what is climatotherapy and how could it benefit your wellbeing? Read More