Suffering From Depression? 2 Forms Of Exercise You Can Do Without Even Leaving The House

One of the best natural treatments for depression is exercise. Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce stress, boost your mood and improve sleep quality, all of which can minimise the effects of depression. Exercise also releases endorphins which are chemicals which make you feel happy, energised and mentally healthy.

Unfortunately, if you're suffering from depression, it can feel almost impossible to drag yourself out of your home to exercise. Facing the outside world and interacting with people at the gym may seem like an incredibly difficult and very unappealing option. Fortunately, you don't need to leave your home to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Here are two types of exercise that you can do without even leaving the house.

1. Indoor cycling

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise that is great for improving your cardiovascular health. It speeds up your heart rate and increases blood flow to all areas of your body. This increased blood flow is fantastic for your brain function and can help you to think more clearly and increase the connectivity between the nerve cells in your brain.

Stationary exercise bikes are readily available in sports stores or online. You don't need the most expensive, high-tech model, simply one that provides you with the ability to get some exercise when you're feeling able. If you already have a regular bicycle, then you can use an inexpensive adaptor that turns a regular bike into a stationary bike.

2. Yoga

Yoga is an incredibly popular form of exercise across the world. It focuses on developing core strength, body awareness, correct posture and lengthening muscles. It's great for your body and it's also great for your mind. Yoga is a gently challenging form of exercise that also provides you with a meditation like introspection that can be effective in overcoming depression.

You don't need to attend a class outside your home to enjoy the benefits of yoga. There are many books and DVDs that can guide you through a yoga routine that is suitable for your level of experience. You can also access yoga via the internet using online videos or daily yoga practice apps on your smartphone.

Exercise can be a wonderful, natural way to alleviate many of the symptoms of depression. Even if you start off with only a few minutes a day, you'll soon realise the positive effects that it has on your mind and body.